"Phil Meek, President, Georgia Hosting, LLC"
"This is by far the most valuable seminar on forgiveness you will ever attend!"
"Pastor Len Strozier of FBC Covington, GA."
"I have read every book I could get my hands on concerning forgiveness...Scott Berry's understanding of repentance and forgiveness is unsurpassed"  
"Pastor Vincent Sawyer, Queens, NY."
"I can safely say no one has studied and understands forgiveness like Scott Berry!  Churches need to hear this truth."  
"Reverend David Miller, Presbyterian Minister and Professor"
"These insights into the principles of forgiveness are unlike anything I have heard before. This seminar gives a Scriptural perspective that provides more of an example of true Biblical Forgiveness than what we usually hear.” 
"Patricia Andrews, Atlanta, GA"
"I attended one of Scott Berry's seminars on forgiveness about 10 years ago. This included aspects of the Jewish legal system, its significance in ancient customs, biblical applications in the teachings of Jesus, the natural tendencies of people not to want to forgive even today -- what's holding us back? --  plus the separate stages or aspects of the process of forgiving. He is not at all one of those dry, boring lecturers. His great speaking voice and animated examples kept my attention. Although the lecture was years ago, it stayed with me. When I am in a situation where I feel unforgiveness, I question it, working through the complicated emotions as Scott Berry taught, and hopefully make the right decision for that situation."
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