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              NEW YORK FORGIVENESS SEMINAR                                                                              
Will be held in
Queens Village, NY 11428
Saturday, March 10, from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM  
  Suggested Donation  $45 includes Breakfast, Lunch and

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                                                         929-442-5644                                                                  The New York Forgiveness Seminar....
...clarifies the differences between love and forgiveness, between grieving and mourning, and between meekness and forgiveness. 
Jesus said "The truth shall make you free." And the true definitions of forgiveness will definitely set you free!
There is tremendous power available when we understand how to let go of bitterness by trusting God BEFORE forgiving!  
By the end of this seminar, you will understand:
  • Why Jesus never said to forgive your enemy
  • Why, according to the Bible, freedom from anger and bitterness is never defined as FORGIVENESS, but MEEKNESS.
  • Why getting rid of anger always takes place BEFORE FORGIVING
  • How to STOP "FORGIVING" the wrong way and START LOVING God's way.
  • Discover why Biblical mourning is different from grieving.
  • The beauty of the differences in the three, non-interchangeable Greek words for "Forgive:" aphiemi, charizomai, and apoluo 
  • The Biblical differences between love and forgiveness
  If you have ever:
  • Been frustrated in dealing with someone's sin or offense
  • Been confused about  forgiveness
  • Agonized over how to love someone who has hurt you and remains unrepentant
  • Experienced deep hurts, betrayals, or personal loss that left you bitter, angry, or emotionally and spiritually confused
  • Been victimized over again by the Satanic perversion of Jesus' teaching that  you must forgive in a way that God never will forgive (Forgiving egregious offenses without repentance).
  • Thought you "forgave" someone but your heart still ached with suppressed bitterness years later

Then this workshop is for you! 

You will investigate and discuss:

  • How all of Jesus' words and teaching of forgiveness are based on the Jewish laws of Teshuva.
  • The MOTIVATION of Jesus' prayer at the cross ("Father, forgive them") and it's powerful example of why we are to pray for rather than try to falsely "forgive" our enemies.
  • The three different Greek words translated as "forgive" in the New Testament.
Do not miss the opportunity to find true freedom from past wounds, anger, and bitterness and release the burden and guilt of false "forgiveness."     
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